Become A Nottingham Student Ambassador!

As part of the Nottingham International Ambassador Programme, Experience Nottinghamshire is offering the opportunity for students from Nottingham Trent and The University of Nottingham to become Nottingham Student Ambassadors for the city.

We’re looking for ambitious, positive and enthusiastic students from Nottingham Trent and The University of Nottingham to join our Nottingham Student Ambassador Programme.


Why get involved?

This is a great scheme if you:

  • Feel positive about your experience of studying in the city of Nottingham and want to share this
  • Want to feel involved with your local business community
  • Want to be associated with international business development that is not only rewarding but will also enhance your communication and interpersonal skills, increasing your employability
  • Want to meet loads of new people and also have some great fun!

By becoming an Ambassador, you will receive:

  • Invitations to international and national events championing the city
  • Invitations to network with fellow Student Ambassadors and partner businesses
  • The opportunity to improve and develop your business communication skills
  • A title to enhance your CV with the additional experience
  • The benefit of increasing your future employability
For more information about the Nottingham Student Ambassador Programme, please contact our International Ambassadors Assistant.