Depending on what you need for your team building exercise, Belvoir Castle can offer a selection of indoor or outdoor packages. Building team events depends greatly on the reason you want to get out of the day. With over 1500 acres of parkland the opportunities outdoors are limitless here at Belvoir.

You may have a desire simply just have fun and they can use Dragon Boats on the lake or raft Building exercise mixed with a themed Medieval day.

A few examples:

Clay shooting with BBQ lunches
Birds of Prey
Survival and Bush Craft Basics
Overnight Survival options
Laser Clay Shooting
Motorised events such as Buggies, Power turns, Quads, Rage Buggies, Off Road Experiences and even tank driving.
Medieval Events: activities based around medieval Theme great for large or small groups.


CSI Team Building Experience

Belvoir Castle are delighted to offer a cerebral, yet fun action packed and practical bespoke team building event ideally suited to teams of between 5 and 10 delegates. Components within the event are tailored to reinforce your company’s values and/or reiterate any training or company message. Participation affords delegates the opportunity to learn new skills in communication, delegation, planning, creativity, resource deployment, lateral thought and presentation. An all-inclusive event that by design and default promotes a collaborative approach to resolving problems against ever changing time constraints and evolving situations. Each delegate needs be actively involved to vindicate their wrongly accused and incarcerated colleague. Teams compete against one another, completing practical tasks earning access to laboratory results that will prove the innocence of those in the frame. The event culminates in the viewing of each teams photofit and live television appeals.

Can any one team crack the case, or will it need all need to come together and share their successes to complete the headline task?

The event can also include a facilitation session at the end to review lessons learned and to discuss ways to improve which can be taken back to the office.

Event Running Time – 2½ to 3 hours is ideal.

Chocolate Making Challenge

It’s not all chocolate in this challenge – prepare for some sales & marketing…

The CHOCOLATE MAKING challenge is a favourite with everyone. The objective is for teams to build a box of original chocolates within a limited time scale and budget. They must also create the packaging and design a marketing strategy to sell their chocolate sensation.

Teams need to plan their time carefully and watch their budget to ensure they can meet the requirements to:

– Create & make a selection of chocolates.
– Design a marketing strategy to take into account the sector, pricing, promotion, profit and brand.
– Present ideas to the judges.
– Create a presentation to promote the chocolates.
– Bonus points can be earned by completing additional fun team games such as our chocolate industry quiz and the piping bag challenge
– Everyone gets to make and decorate a chocolate lollipop to take home!

The end product will be scored on quality, profitability, originality, teamwork, variety and effectiveness of the marketing plan. Presentations at the end of the session prove to be a hilarious and great end to a perfect team challenge!

Numbers: 10-500+ (teams of 5 to 8)

Location: Indoors

Times: 1½ to 3 hours.

The Escape

Do you and your team have what it takes to escape within one hour? Armed with tablets featuring interactive game screens, teams will have to solve puzzles, unpick evidence and unravel cryptic messages to peel back the layers to freedom! Teamwork and problem solving skills will be thoroughly tested in this virtual escape scenario. Teams work to crack the code, beat the clock and ultimately make their escape.

Times: 1 hour and 30 mins including briefing and prizes.

The Pitch

Designed to test entrepreneurial skills, business acumen, creativity, communication and presentation skills as well as promoting time-management, leadership and teamwork, this challenge will put teams through their paces by being presented with a series of tasks on their iPads.

Create a product and fulfil a range of objectives – everything from designing logos, filming adverts and creating marketing materials, then Pitch their product to their peers.

The group use the technology to vote for their favourite team in an exciting and tense finale!

Available indoors, outdoors or a mixture of both.

Times: 2.5 – 3.5 hours.

The Castle Explorer

Explore, learn and compete whilst you and your teams find and unlock GPS hotspots, delve into historical happenings and learn amazing new facts along the way. The Castle and grounds are your playground for this team event.

Times: 1.5 – 3 hours.