logo 2A new card designed to easily and discreetly let businesses know the specific needs of disabled visitors has been introduced at Capital FM Arena Nottingham this week, making it the first Arena in the UK to go live with the new card.

The Access Card translates a person’s disability / impairment into symbols which highlight the barriers they face and the reasonable adjustments they might need.

Martin Ingham, Capital FM Arena’s Deputy Chief Executive said:

The big thing for us is that it enables our staff to respond to disabled people’s needs immediately. We see this as an opportunity to give them a more enhanced experience.

Stephen Chaston, Capital FM Arena’s Accessibility Officer said:

This is another step towards our aim, to be one of the most accessible venues in the music industry. We wanted to make it easier, simpler and quicker for our disabled customers to start their event experience with us and the Access Card allows us to achieve that.

The creator of the Access Card is Nimbus, a social enterprise consultancy run by disabled people. The team has worked closely with disabled patrons and providers to establish exactly what the card needs to communicate to help improve diversity for suppliers.

Martin Austin, Managing Director at Nimbus said:

We are really happy to be working with the Capital FM Arena to improve an already outstanding service for disabled people, and I say that as both a Nimbus MD and a regular customer of the Arena myself. Accepting the card will make booking and attending shows at the arena for myself and countless other disabled music fans across the region so much easier.

The Access Card costs £15 for three years. More information on the card can be found here and people who wish to apply for an Access Card can do so here.