Football is coming home, the WorldNET Football  Supporters Tournament has chosen to stage the 2017 event at the Riverside Sports facility at the University of Nottingham.

WorldNET is the annual tournament for the IFA British Supporters league, a league consisting of over 120 supporters across the UK and made up of football supporters who pull on their club’s kit on the morning of their main team’s game and represent their clubs.

WorldNET was formed in 1996, with the first ever tournament being held in Nottingham. An event set up to show that football supporters can come together in harmony and play friendly games of football together.

Over 800 players will be staying over the weekend in the host City as the tournament includes over 35s veterans event. The tournament also sees participants from Lens in France and even a team of Arsenal supporters from Nigeria! The event sees teams staying the weekend in the City and brings great revenue for hotels, restaurants and  bars.

For the last 3 years the tournament was held in Preston and prior to that it was held for over 15 years in Leeds. The IFA British Supporters league considers Nottingham to be an ideal location for the event and hopes to be here for years to come.

Worldnet generates media interest from participating clubs main teams and features each year on Sky Sports News.

The association is looking to work with a local charity as their charity partner. They are also seeking sponsors for the event and the event’s printed programme.