A Diabetes Online Community Conference sponsored by Team Blood Glucose (TeamBG) and Hosted by the Great Britain diabetes online community will take place in March at MediCity, Nottingham.

The first ever conference by the #gbdoc for people with diabetes, created by people with diabetes, organised by people with diabetes and specifically about living with diabetes.


Do I have to have diabetes to be a Delegate?

Yes – you do have to have diabetes to be a Delegate

Do I have to have diabetes to attend the Conference?

No – but you do have to be accompanied by a Delegate – someone who DOES have diabetes. This is a conference for People With Diabetes first and foremost.  If you are a parent, friend, carer then you must be accompanied by the person with diabetes.

Do you have questions about People With Diabetes Conference 2015 #pwdc15 “Living Well With Diabetes”?

Contact Great Britain Diabetes Online Community – #gbdoc