Increasingly fast aging population is set to challenge health and care systems. Current care models are proving to be inappropriate and unsustainable. This situation is clearly calling for new care & assistance paradigms.

The UNCAP project (Ubiquitous iNteroperable Care for Ageing People) will address such a fast-evolving scenario through the development of an open, scalable and privacy-savvy ICT infrastructure designed to help aging people (including those with mild cognitive impairments) live independently and with dignity.In particular, it will leverage on an ecosystem of biosensors and indoor & outdoor localisation solutions to deliver an infrastructure capable to continuously monitor and assist users in a non-invasive way.

Furthermore, UNCAP will allow accurate monitoring of user’s state (physical & cognitive), and also creating a range of brand new services designed to stimulate healthier lifestyle and more active aging process. To this extent, the ultimate goal of is to extend the duration of high-quality life of aging, frail, and cognitive impaired citizens by helping them achieve higher autonomy, independence, and dignity.

To do so, UNCAP uses state-of-art physical/cognitive assessment tools together with technologies to locate objects, devices and users within indoor/outdoor spaces, to continuously monitor users in a non-invasive way and to assist them in case alert conditions are detected.

  You are invited to the Ubiquitous iNteroperable Care for Ageing People (UNCAP) Conference and Interactive Exhibition of Future Technologies on Thursday 17th September at the Mercure Hotel Nottingham. There will also be a Project Meeting taking place on Friday 18th September for Project partners only.

Rooms are available at the Mercure Hotel in Nottingham. For reservations, please contact Melanie Bowler at Email: or Tel: +44 (0) 115 959 9777
PLEASE NOTE: There is a registration fee of £25 per day. Coffee and lunch will be provided both days.

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